RAP website launch & upcoming developments

02 Jun RAP website launch & upcoming developments

As summer comes to an end, we are proud to announce our new Our goal is to provide our guests with the adequate amount of tools and resources needed to stay informed, get to know who we are and learn about what we offer. It is time to take our mission out into social networking and gain new audience. Here you will find links to direct you to our social media accounts, donations and how you can take part of our cause. Take a minute or two to read our mission, meet our staff and look through our journey. So next time you’re running close to league sign-ups, simply go online and fill out the sing-up sheet online. Maybe you you’re not aware of deadlines and league timelines, easy. We have a calendar set up to show our audience what is coming up next. Innovation and technology will only bring us closer to our community so join us and stay updated with our upcoming developments.

Our main focus up until now has been the Avenal community, and have also worked with Lost Hills during the past two summers. Our program is currently working into approaching other local school districts who can allow us to implement our program in their communities.






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